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About Gage Cahoon. 


I am Gage Cahoon. (In my best Tony Stark voice).

I served in 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment where I did 2 deployments to Afghanistan. Honestly, this is where I "grew up". I owe a lot of my success in life to the badass men I was privileged to study under and serve with. When you work with elite men like them, you learn a lot more than just how to kick in doors. 

I had an injury that sort of derailed my career at the time and I struggled with that for a long time and still do from time to time. Eventually, I found myself again on a path to becoming a software engineer. Went to college, got my degree in computer science, and now work full time as an engineer. Also, doing my best to be a mentor for other Rangers that might want to head down this path as well. You can reach out to Three Rangers Foundation or me if find yourself needing help.

The other path that helped was video games. I started in Madden where I found I was better than the average player. I managed an esports org based around Madden for 5 years, interacting with thousands of people and paying out well over $12k. I made thousands in earnings and was even featured on NFL Network. 

Now, I have transitioned from a competitive Madden player to Call of Duty: Warzone where I focus solely on creating content on various platforms. I enjoy editing tremendously and creating content around humor. 

Becoming a Software Engineer has led me down a path of nerdville. I'm obsessed with Comics, Anime, and Star Wars. (If you haven't seen my Ranger Mando helmet, it's truly badass.)

P.S. Iron Man, Darth Vader, and Din Djarin > any other characters

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